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Regular Visits

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Our typical office visit is done efficiently, as your time is valuable. We get you in and out of the office, typically with a very short (if any) waiting time to see the doctor. Upon entering the office you would proceed to either do a warm up or to see the doctor.  If there is a table available please sit down and the doctor will be there in a moment.

The doctor will come to give you your life changing adjustment in the most gentle and efficient way possible. (In fact, most of our patients are evaluated and adjusted while sitting up.) When leaving the office your next appointment will be confirmed, and you will be on your way. Most of our patients choose to pre-book their appointments and pre-pay for the adjustments to speed along the process for them. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, so you can then get on with your day.

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