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Meet Dr. Warren Garda DC

Dr. Warren Garda

Dr. Warren Garda DC

I always thought chiropractic was just to help with back pain…little did I know…

Chiropractic was not something that I chose, it was something that chose me. There were three factors that brought me to become a chiropractor:

  1. The death of my father,
  2. My brother starting chiropractic school and educating me as to the amazing benefits of chiropractic, and
  3. Having a bad car accident and my chiropractor educating me to the total health benefits of chiropractic.

My philosophy is simple: Give your body a chance!

There are four essentials to life: air, food, water, and nerve impulse. Most people know the first three but forget the fourth. The nerve impulse is what controls the body and in essence allows the other three essentials to be used more effectively. Through chiropractic we help to remove any interference or irritation allowing the nerve impulse to work better, and therefore GIVING YOUR BODY A CHANCE!

I really believe that your health is one of the most important aspect to your life. If you don’t have your health you have nothing, and that became real to me when I needed a life saving surgery a few years ago.

Enough about me! The choice is now yours, when you are ready for a better life, we are here to help you get there.

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